Research & Development 2016

TheALPS study 2016 - The future of winter sports

theALPS Study 2016 - "the Future of Winter Tourism"

2016 the focus was all about “the Future of Winter Tourism” - development of future scenarios for winter resorts in the Alps. What does it need to stay attractive in the global competition, what keeps living and working in the rural areas possible and worthwile?

Changes in the society to a more urban lifestyle, less children learning to ski naturally, changes in the climate in the alpine regions, a diversification in the holiday behavior and many more need to be examined.

The keyfindings of this years AlpNet study will be presented at theALPS Symposium. More information to come.



ICRET Research Award 2016

With the 2nd call we were looking for the most interesting research contributions on „winter tourism in mountain regions” (e.g. dealing with innovation and product development, destination management, new challenges for the future, networking and cooperation).

Anja Berghammer & Jörg Schmude won the first prize with their work “The Christmas-Easter shift: simulating Alpine Ski resorts’ future development under climate change conditions used the parameter “optimal ski day”



Research & Development 2015


"The Future of Cycle Tourism in the Alps" - the study 2015 

The central theme of  the 2015 theALPS symposium, held in Moena, Trentino from 6 to 8 September, was the future role of cycle tourism in the Alpine area.  To this end, Prof. Harald Pechlaner (EURAC Bozen) was commissioned in cooperation with the Trentino School of Management to carry out a study into the present situation of Alpine bike tourism and also on the future demands for the regions.

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