Programme 2015

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Sunday, 6th September – Arrival Day


Pre-Tour Arrivals in Moena during the afternoon. Individual arrival of all participants in Moena, registrations at individual Hotels

19:00                  Get-together and welcome drink at the Agritur El Mas 

                           (Upon invitation only)



Monday, 7th September – theALPS Trading Room


08:00-09:00       Registration at the welcome desk in the theatre of Moena and morning coffee

NAVALGE THEATRE: Piaz De Navalge, 4, 38035 , Moena, Italy

09:00-17:00       Trading Room 

12:30-13:30        Lunch Break

19:00                Reception and get-together at Alpe Luisa, on the top of the mountain with typical Italian hospitality:

                         Transfer from Moena to the Italian Alpine Dinner at Rifugio Valbona by the
                         Cabinovia Ronchi cablecar

                         Good wines, tasty italian food, nice people!

                         Enojy a taste of Italian hospitality.



Tuesday, 8th September – theALPS Symposium & theALPS Award powered by AlpNet


Check out from your hotel, luggage storage is provided

08:00-08:30         Morning Coffee

08:30-09:15         Official Welcome to the Symposium and Introduction

09:15-09:45         Presentation of theALPS Award 2015 powered by AlpNet Nominees by Prof. Hubert Siller (MCI Innsbruck, Head                             of theALPS Jury)

09:45-11:15         Presentation of the results of the Study on "Alpine Biking Tourism"

11:15-11:45         Coffee Break

11:45-12:30         Round Table to "Alpine Biking, the future of the summer season"

                           Moderator: Guido Heuber, Eurosport  
                           Participacnts: Tom Prochazka, Gravity Logic; Uli Stanciu, Transalp; Claudio Bassetti, Alpineclub Trentino SAT, 
                           Gitta Beimfohr, ​Bike Magazine; Johannes Jobst, Mountain News;
                           Bruno Fläcklin, Director of Lenzerheide Tourismboard;

12:30-12:45         Manifesto di Moena
                           Paolo Grigolli, Trentino School of Management presents central findings of the "Technical Table": Meeting of                                    governmental representatives handling "Alpine Biking" in their destinations

12:45-13:00         theALPS Award 2015 powered by AlpNet, Presentation of the Winner
Laudatio: Prof. Hubert Siller (MCI Innsbruck, Head of theALPS-Award Jury)

13:00-13:15         Preview 2016 & Closing Moderation by Maurizio Rossini & Josef Margreiter

13:15-14:00          Aperi-Lunch & Farewell