Vision & Mission


Leading Alpine tourist regions have mutually decided to give a clear signal for sustainable, all-year round Alpine tourism with a high measure of value for money; to package the Alpine powers of innovation; and to communicate new impetuses.

The event offers participants a wide range of platforms to exchange expertise, to gain further experience and to negotiate mutually beneficial deals.

theALPS Symposium

International Symposium which gives a voice to top-class keynote speakers and provides an opportunity for some fascinating discussions on business and science. 

theALPS Award

Outstanding achievements in Alpine tourism – with regard to a guiding theme which changes each year – will be singled out for theALPS Award. 

theALPS trading room

  • The next stage after traditional B2B trade fairs offers a chance for greater efficiency in the buying and selling of tourism products courtesy of the latest communication tools and supports networking between international buyers and tourism suppliers in the Alpine region.

  • Using the very latest communication technology, this new trade fair format makes it easier to develop networks and boost efficiency in the buying and selling of tourism products.

  • To make the initial contact, participants seek out suitable partners in advance via a form of online business dating.

  • The online platform makes available comprehensive information on the profile of suppliers and interested parties, their offerings and their wishes.

  • At the annual theALPS event, the innovative trading room offers the possibility of forging new contacts and doing concrete business.

    theALPS post tours

    Within the framework of selected post tours, Alpine experiences are provided for international Tour Operators by the theALPS-Partners